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We sent a personalized letter form Santa Clays, which due to its quality, it’s only possible for Santa to have sents such a letter! Your child will be thrilled!


Personalized Santa Claus letters with the following information:

  • Child’s name
  • Friend’s and brother’s names.
  • City
  • Street
  • People living with the child
  • Presents that have been asked for
  • Their teacher.
  • Merits achieved along the year.
  • Post script with Santa’s personal comments.
  • Printed letters with beautiful and original illustration.
  • Size A3.
  • Luxury semimatte paper, 200 grams with varnish cover.
  • Full color print.
  • Firmado por el autentico Papa Noel.
  • Original Santa’s wax seal.
  • 5 letter design to choose. There’s one for adults too!

Unique envelopes!

  • Giant size
  • ¡UNIQUE! Completely illustrated with original copyright images.

Optional surprises:

  • Certificate of Well Behaviour
  • Cut-oput christmas game.

Sending worldwide

Optional urgent mailing